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« It’s not that I want to eat them all, it’s just that once I start I can’t stop. » So, for the next round I’ll use that statement: Set-up: « Even though I can’t stop eating cookies once I get started, I deeply and completely accept myself anyway. » Say the « even though » part with gusto, you really mean it!

You are okay, just the way you are. Reminder: « Can’t stop » This round might lead to, « That’s not true, I can decide how much I want, I just don’t want to limit myself, » so the next round might be: Set-up: « Even though I hate to limit myself, I deeply and completely… » or « Even though I don’t want to limit myself, » or whatever words fit your situation. Reminder: « No limits » Make this process yours and let your personal thoughts guide you.

south beach diet phase 2Doing this will help you unearth core issues and beliefs you may not have realized were there. More often than not what happens with these simple and effective techniques is you will stop using them. Not because they don’t work, but because they do. You will stop because you aren’t ready to give up your eating habits – you like the food, you enjoy the taste, the pleasure you gain from the eating is greater than the pleasure you anticipate by making a change in your habits.

It’s as if you say to yourself, « Screw it, I don’t care. I want it now, and I’m going to have it. » Much like a small child, you are simply feeding your instant desire, and that’s okay too. Be gentle with yourself. Realize you will do this on occasion, and accept it.

It doesn’t make you a failure, it simply proves you are human. Accept yourself as you are. If you make a commitment to do the EFT exercises, even though you don’t want to, you will reach success. In my work reluctance to do something that will work explains why people continue to seek something new.

They read new books, they try new diets (witness Atkins, now south beach diet phase 2 Beach Diet), they ask each other (usually their overweight friends) what they are doing (why not ask someone without a weight problem instead?). The answer is they don’t really want to make a change for the better, they just want the easy fix.

Give me a pill, a simple food plan, make it easy for me, and I’ll do it. I can keep on any plan for the short-term, lose some weight, then as I’m gaining it back I can just blame myself. It’s my fault for stopping the diet. It’s my fault, for not staying on the plan. This is not a healthy way to live.

Take back your power. You decide what you will or won’t do every day. Stop giving that power to others – stop blaming yourself for not staying on someone else’s plan, and make your own plan. This is the single most important thing in anyone’s change process: Realizing what you want for your health, your body, your life, is more important than what you get by the instant gratification.